01.03.2023 wöchentliche Wartung

01.03.2023 wöchentliche Wartung

The kingdom of Illusions. Darkness. Refinement Sets, Shaken, not stirred, Shadow Packs

Game updates:
— The „The kingdom of Illusions. Darkness.“ update has been released. Read the fresh patchnotes here.

UPD: We know about the problem with the NPC „Great Merchant“ (gef_dun01 139, 228) and fix it soon.

— The Shaken, not stirred event has begun. It’s time to make some fresh drinks;

The Refinement Sets with Bandeau of Lovers, Valkyrie Circlet and Red Fox Ears arrived to the Launcher;

ItemLovers PackValkyrie PackRed Fox PackToken of Ziegfried Pack
Bandeau of Lovers3
Valkyrie Circlet3
Red Fox Ears3
Enriched Elunium121212
Special Token of Ziegfried100

Special Token of Ziegfried is now available into the Launcher and Kafra shop for box or individual price;

ItemToken of Ziegfried Pack
Token of Ziegfried100

— The Shadow Packs with Shadow Master Equipment are now available into the Launcher.

ItemShadow Master Gloves SetShadow Master Ring SetShadow Master Pendant Set
Shadow Master Gloves Box5
Shadow Master Ring Box5
Shadow Master Pendant Box5
Enriched Elunium2020
Enriched Oridecon20

Finished activities:
— The „Colorful runaways“ event has come to an end;
— The Valentine’s Treasure left the launcher;
— The Refinement sets with Thanatos‘ Dolor Hat and General’s Helmet with Rideword Hat also left the launcher.

Have a great game!