03.08.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

03.08.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
The Memory Record update became available: new items, dungeons and challenges are waiting for you.

— Sweet girl Matilda in Prontera needs help growing flowers. Join the „Matilda needs help” event.
They say the petals of Matilda’s flowers are magical.

— The Win-Win Machine is here! Each spin will definitely grant you the win! The Ancient weapon and boots refining items and class gear enchantment items inside.

Fluffy Fox (Extra Rare)
Weapon +7 Refine Ticket (Extra Rare)
Armor +7 Refine Ticket (Extra Rare)
Ancient Boots Scroll (Extra Rare)
Ancient Weapons Scroll (Extra Rare)
Shadow Refine Hammer +9 (Extra Rare)
Blacksmith Blessing (Rare)
Silit Pong Box (Rare)
HD Bradium (Rare)
HD Carnium (Rare)
HD Oridecon (Rare)
HD Elunium (Rare)
Fallen Angel Wing
Shadow Professional Shield Box
Shadow Professional Glove Box
Enhanced Merchant Envelope (3 D.)
Shadow Armor Box
Shadow Boots Box
Enriched Oridecon 2
Enriched Elunium 2
Superhuman Sweets 2
Potion of Infinity 2
Mana Plus 3
Killer’s Potion 3
Universal Battle Manual
Bloody Branch 2
Mind Potion 3
Archmage Potion
Party Assumptio 5 Scoll 4
Spare Heart 4
Giant Fly Wing 6
Shadow Sword Book
Shadow Staff Book
Sparkling Candy 11
Special Kafra Card 14
Taoist Pills 15
Guyak Candy 35
Big Bun 20
Yummy Skewered Grill 25
Superb Fish Slice 25

Elaborate Foxtail Replica, Magic Foxtail Staff, Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff and Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica now can be sent by mail.

Finished activities:
The „Gold Rush“ event came to an end;
The Imperial Treasure were removed from the shop and launcher;
— Refinement Sets
were also removed from the launcher.

Have a great game!