08.09.2021 wöchentliche Wartung

08.09.2021 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
— Today we bring Rachel, Ice Cave, Veins & Godlike 1 to Ragnarok Online Prime. There is one special twist however, the first Godlike made in the server will not require the completion of the quest to be crafted.

The festival Light & Fire is here. A week long of much fun & many activities.
A new Set of Daily Rewards has just started, with a Horse king as a final reward.

— New Refinement Sets are here offering huge packs of materials. They are also 10% off in the in-game shop individually.

ItemEnriched Elumium PackEnriched Oridecon Pack
Enriched Elumium50
Enriched Oridecon50

— To celebrate this great update, we added a Gift to the launcher, make sure to grab your Baptismal Cross before 15th of September.

Finished Activities:
— The Sweet Treasure and its sets were removed from the launcher.

Enjoy the game!