15.06.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

15.06.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
The Phantasmagorika update became available: new items, dungeons and recently discovered city are waiting for you.

— The „Shaken, not stirred“ event has begun. It’s time to make some summer fresh drinks.

— The Summerbloom Treasure is here both individually and in packs to bring out the monstrous cuteness in you. Check our Launcher and the Shop;

– Fish Cart410068
– Fork and Spoon480152
– Melody Wings480168
– Neuralizer Box12911
– Traveler’s Hat480127
– Vacation Hat19658
– Inf. Giant Fly Wing Box (1 h.)23330
– Sixtus Armor Box23766
– Pizza Hat400195
– Mug Hat400174
– Scuba Mask410083
– HE Battle Manual12411 x3
– Universal Battle Manual100492 x2
– Universal Job Manual100493 x2
– Bubblegum Battle Manual22979 x2
– Bloody Branch12103 x2
– Enriched Elunium7619 x2
– Enriched Oridecon7620 x2
– AGI Biscuit Stick 23225 x4
– DEX Biscuit Stick 23221 x4
– INT Biscuit Stick23226 x4
– LUK Biscuit Stick23222 x4
– STR Biscuit Stick23223 x4
– VIT Biscuit Stick23224 x4
– AGI Transmutator22703
– DEX Transmutator22706
– INT Transmutator22705
– LUK Transmutator22707
– STR Transmutator22702
– VIT Transmutator22704
– Party Assumptio Scroll14590 x5
– Party Increase Agi Scroll14589 x5
– Mind Potion100317 x3
– Archmage Potion23898
– Aspd Potion12684 x11
– Water of Life12578 x7
– Guyak Pudding12710 x25
– Special Kafra Card23177 x14
– Token of Ziegfried 7621 x5
– Yummy Skewered Grill12335 x25
– Guyak Candy12709 x35
– Big Bun14522 x20
– Hoddmimis Seed12405 x25

The Token of Ziegfried Pack arrived in 4game launcher.

ItemToken of Ziegfried Pack
Token of Ziegfried50

Dialog images of Eden Group NPCs now disappear as soon as the dialog finishes.

Finished activities:
— The Midgardian style fishing has come to an end;
The Win Win Machine was turned off.

Have a great game!