16.02.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

16.02.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
— Today we have some long-awaited fan-beloved content coming to the Game. Moscovia, Eden Quests (Levels 1-99) and 3rd Class Baby Chars are already available!

— Love is in the air
and all over Rune-Midgard! Play now the special Valentine’s EventRecipe for Love. Available until 23rd of February.

— The Fortune, Fate & Destiny Sets are back on the launcher offering old Treasures that you can revisit. The offer will be available until 23rd of February.

ItemFortune setFate setDestiny set
Hollow Eye Treasure1512
Technocracy Treasure1512
Evil Thanatos Treasure1512
Old Farm Treasure1512
Guyak Pudding(Gift!)1230
Dead Branch(Gift!)25
Taoist Pills(Gift!)15
Big Bun(Gift!)30
Kafra Card(Gift!)15
HE Bubble Gum(Gift!)10
Bubblegum Battle Manual(Gift!)10
Bloody Branch(Gift!)10
Poring Box(Gift!)15

Refinement Sets are now available on the launcher containing enriched metals. The offers are valid until 23rd of February.

ItemEnriched Elumium PackEnriched Oridecon Pack
Enriched Elumium50
Enriched Oridecon50

Finished Activities:
— The Lovebird Treasure was removed from the Launcher and the Shop.
The Bravery Bag & the Golden Sets is also

no longer available in the Launcher.

Enjoy the game!