16.03.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

16.03.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
— The possibilities are now limitless with our newest update. Explore the unknown with Bifrost, Dewata & Mora Village.

— The are back and they want their revenge. Play now the Poring Invasion.

— The Rideword Hat Set is back with an even more special price this time. Don’t forget to check the Launcher before 23rd of March.

ItemRideword Hat Set
Rideword Hat5
Enriched Elumium15

— The Fortune, Fate and Destiny packs are here to give you a second chance to snatch previous Treasures. They will be available on the Launcher until 23rd of March.

ItemFortune setFate setDestiny set
Dracolich Treasure1512
Arcadia’s Treasure1512
Mrs. Mew’s Treasure1512
Saintly Treasure1512
Guyak Pudding(Gift!)1230
Dead Branch(Gift!)25
Taoist Pills(Gift!)15
Big Bun(Gift!)30
Kafra Card(Gift!)15
HE Bubble Gum(Gift!)10
Bubblegum Battle Manual(Gift!)10
Bloody Branch(Gift!)10
Poring Box(Gift!)15

— We prepared a small Gift to thank you for being with us through this journey. Grab it on the Launcher before 23rd of March.

Special Kafra Card5
Special Battle Manual1
Special Token of Ziegfried3

— The Gift for Warriors from Chaos that decided to stay with us are already available.

Finished Activities:
— The First Flowering Treasure was removed from the Launcher and the Shop.
— The Leveling Sets was removed from the Launcher.

Enjoy the game!