20.12.2022 wöchendliche Wartung

20.12.2022 wöchendliche Wartung

Triple Trouble, Christmas Sale, Chronosets, Bossnia, Candy Business and Treasure

Game updates:
— The «Triple Trouble» update has been released.

The Candy Business event has begun. You have three weeks to save the holiday, cook the most delicious sweets and refine the Santa’s Helper Hat;
— The gates to the most terrible place of Midgard – Bossnia have opened and Bossnia tickets arrived to the launcher;

The Seventh Heaven’s Treasure is here both individually and in packs;

– Thunderstorm20565
– Happiness Wings20761
– Celine’s Brooch32237
– CD in Mouth420003
– Blacksmith Blessing6635
– Christmas Wings20955
– Diadem of Brynhild400131
– Cat Witch’s Red Hat400204
– Clock Cap31136
– Aureola20401
– Marble Angel400292
– Golden Halo19749
– Spring Mana Potion100005
– Potion of Infinity23475 x2
– Universal Battle100492
Manual100492 x2
– Bubblegum Battle22979
Manual22979 x2
– Superhuman Sweets22819 x2
– Bloody Branch12103 x3
– HE Battle Manual12411 x2
– HE Bubble Gum12412 x2
– AGI Biscuit Stick23225 x4
– DEX Biscuit Stick23221 x4
– INT Biscuit Stick23226 x4
– LUK Biscuit Stick23222 x4
– STR Biscuit Stick23223 x4
– VIT Biscuit Stick23224 x4
– Enriched Elunium7619 x2
– Enriched Oridecon7620 x2
– Mind Potion100317 x3
– Archmage Potion23898
– Party Assumptio 514590
Scroll14590 x4
– Party Blessing 1014588
Scroll14588 x4
– Party Increase Agi 1014589
Scroll14589 x4
– Poring Box12109 x3
– Dried Yggdrasil12293
Berries12293 x70
– Special Blessing23047
of Tyr23047 x9
– Guyak Pudding12710 x25
– Water of Life12578 x7
– Special Kafra Card23177 x14
– Superb Fish Slice14524 x25
– Big Bun14522 x20
– Guyak Candy12709 x35
– Yummy Skewered12335
Grill12335 x25
– Hoddmimis Seed12405 x25

Kafra Shop started the Christmas sale week. Items are up to 30% off and the offers are valid until the 28th of December.

Discount on items from «Costume» category: up to 30%;
Discount on items from «Gear» category: up to 30%;
Discount on items from «Other» category: up to 20%;
Discount on items from «Buff» category: up to 20%;
Discount on items from «Rental» category: up to 20%
Discount on items from «Prime» category: up to 10%.

The Chronosets are back to launcher and stay until Wednesday, December 28

ItemTime Traveller SetChronokey Set
5 per account
Chronocloak Chest5

— CD in Mouth have gotten the set bonus effect with Old Parasol;
— Silk Heart’s malfunction has been fixed;
— Localization fixes.

Finished activities:

The Loki’s Trial event came to an end;
The Blizzard Treasure was removed from the launcher and Kafra shop;
— The Refinement sets were also removed from the launcher.

Have a great game!