21.07.2021 wöchentliches Update

21.07.2021 wöchentliches Update

Game updates:
Prime’s first update is here bringing Einbroch, Einbech, Ninjas, Gunslingers & Woe. Make sure to check the patch notes.

— The Clockwork Treasure is here both individually and in packs. Check our Launcher and the Shop.

-Clockwork Wings20988

  • Mainspring Winder20989
  • Alchemist Square Bag31687
  • Neuralizer Box12911
  • Fan Wing20589
  • Magic Decoy Hat20383
  • Inf. Giant Fly Wing Box (1 h.)23330
    -Icarus Winglets20380
  • Steampunk Hat20381
  • White Rabbit Hat400074
  • Clockwork Chiffon20379
  • Warlock King’s Crown18574
  • HE Battle Manual12411 x2
  • HE Bubble Gum12412 x2
  • Enriched Elunium7619 x3
  • Enriched Oridecon7620 x3
  • Bubblegum Battle Manual22979 x2
  • AGI Biscuit Stick 23225 x4
  • DEX Biscuit Stick 23221 x4
  • INT Biscuit Stick23226 x4
  • LUK Biscuit Stick23222 x4
  • STR Biscuit Stick23223 x4
  • VIT Biscuit Stick23224 x4
  • Bloody Branch12103 x2
  • Megaphone12221 x6
  • Special Mana Potion23012 x20
  • Life Insurance12209 x6
  • Special Token of Ziegfried6316 x6
  • Blessing of Tyr14601 x10
  • Water of Life12578 x7
  • Special Small Life Potion12516 x35
  • Abrasive14536 x12
  • Aspd Potion12684 x12
  • Special Kafra Card23177 x14
  • Energizing Potion12404 x20
  • WoE Teleport Scroll14591 x15
  • Yummy Skewered Grill12335 x25

WoE packs are now available on the Launcher to help you make a difference for your guild.

Soldier Pack
Light White Potion350
Light Blue Potion120
Pecopeco Hairband Box (7d.)1
Guyak Candy75
Guyak Pudding50
Blessing of Tyr20
WoE Teleport Scroll35
Small Life Potion50
Small Mana Potion20
DiscountFinal Price
Officer Pack
Alice Doll Hat1
Gentleman’s Pipe1
Fish in Mouth Box (7 d.)1
Party Assumptio 5 Scroll40
Party Blessing 10 Scroll45
Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll45
Rainbow Cake50
Aspd Potion60
Box of Sunlight50
Light White Potion200
Light Blue Potion100
Guyak Candy40
Guyak Pudding30
Blessing of Tyr15
DiscountFinal Price

— The Cash shop was updated and now features amazing new items.

— To celebrate one month of Prime, we added a Gift to the launcher, make sure to grab your Holiday Horns before 28th of July.

Finished Activities:
— The Refinement Sets were removed from the launcher.

Note: All castles now owned by a GM guild and no one will have access to it before tonight’s WoE.

Enjoy the game!