22.12.2021 wöchentliche Wartung

22.12.2021 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
Brasilis, Endless Tower and Godlikes 2.0 just hit the server. This Holiday Season promises a lot of challenging playtime!

Our Holiday Special Event, Prontera’s Nostalgia is here. Relive some of the adventures you have been through this year, and get and exp boosting hat!
A new set of Daily Rewards is here, now with a Mini-Christmas Tree as a final reward!

— The Holly Jolly Treasure is here both individually and in packs to get you the best Christmas you can get. Check our Launcher and the Shop.

– Snow Fox31620
– Christmas Wings20545
– Santa’s Backpack20592
– Neuralizer Box12911
– Officer’s Cap400011
– Snowflake Tiara31588
– Christmas Wreath31132
– Cat Santa Hat19976
– Inf. Giant Fly Wing Box (1 h.)23330
– Icicle Tails31905
– Snowman Hat20231
– Chilly Breath19992
– HE Battle Manual12411 x3
– HE Bubble Gum12412 x3
– Enriched Elunium7619 x3
– Enriched Oridecon7620 x3
– Party Blessing Scroll14588 x5
– Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll14589 x5
– Party Assumptio Scroll14590 x5
– Aspd Potion12684 x12
– Santa’s Bag12132 x4
– AGI Transmutator22703
– DEX Transmutator22706
– INT Transmutator22705
– LUK Transmutator22707
– STR Transmutator22702
– VIT Transmutator22704
– AGI Biscuit Stick23225 x4
– DEX Biscuit Stick23221 x4
– INT Biscuit Stick23226 x4
– LUK Biscuit Stick23222 x4
– STR Biscuit Stick23223 x4
– VIT Biscuit Stick23224 x4
– Special Blessing of Tyr23047 x10
– Sparkling Candy14586 x11
– Superb Fish Slice14524 x30
– Spec. Kafra Card23177 x15
– Taoist Pills14523 x15
– Guyak Candy12709 x35
– Hoddmimis Seed12405 x25
– Yummy Skewered Grill12335 x25
– Big Bun14522 x20

And that is not all! The New Year’s GiftMania is here, to get the most amazing gifts to nicest of kids in Rune-Midgard. You can get entries by opening Holly Jolly Treasures.
The Shop is on sale! For this Christmas we bring you up to 30% discount in several items.

Discount on items from «Costume» category: up to 30%;
Discount on items from «Gear» category: up to 25%;
Discount on items from «Other» category: up to 30%;
Discount on items from «Buff» category: up to 15%;
Discount on items from «Rental» category: up to 25%

Christmas Special Sets are already available on the launcher to quench your thirst for power!

Specialist Set
Battle Manual5
Job Manual5
Guyak Candy GIFT!10
Taoist Pills GIFT!5
DiscountFinal Price
Expert Set
HE Bubble Gum5
HE Battle Manual5
Enriched Elunium5
Enriched Oridecon5
Light Blue Potion Box5
Universal Battle Manual5
Universal Job Manual5
Kafra Card20
ASPD Potion15
Guyak Pudding20
Rainbow Cake50
GIFT! Mental Potion15
GIFT! Blessing of Tyr20
DiscountFinal Price

*Limited to 1 per account

Professional Set
Battle Manual (24 h.)1
Wing of Beelzebub Box (7d.)1
Halter Lead Box (7d.)1
All-in-one Ring Box (7d.)1
Bubblegum Battle Manual10
Mana Plus25
Killer’s Potion25
Kafra Card25
Party Assumptio 5 Scroll15
Party Blessing 10 Scroll15
Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll15
Enriched Elunium15
Enriched Oridecon15
GIFT! Bloody Dead Branch30
GIFT! Special Sparkling Candy50
GIFT! Superb Fish Slice100
DiscountFinal Price

— Christmas
has arrived in Rune-Midgard, the cities are fully decorated and even porings are in the holiday mood.
Santa is here and he has a Christmas Gift Set entirely for free for you on the launcher!

Finished Activities:
— The Bravery Bag and its special Refinement Sets were removed from the launcher.
— The Refinement Rates were Set Back to standard.

Enjoy the game!