26.01.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

26.01.2022 wöchentliche Wartung

Game updates:
— The first major update of the year is here! Explore El Dicastes and the Scaraba Hole, and play with the brand new classes Rebellion, Kagerou & Oboro.

A new challenge has been sent by the gods. Modi’s Trial is already available until 2nd of February.

— The Bloody Sets are back in the launcher. Snatch them until 2nd of February.

SetItemDiscountFinal Price
Basic Bloody Branch PackBloody Branch x10€4,99
Huge Bloody Branch PackBloody Branch x3520%€13,99

— The Moon Dragon Treasure is here both individually and in packs to bring a new season of prosperity. Check our Launcher and the Shop.

– Baby Panda31798
– Sky Lanterns31718
– Yin Yang Orbs31568
– Neuralizer Box12911
– Dog Cap19300
– Kagami Mochiring19696
– Green Maiden Spirit18743
– Inf. Giant Fly Wing Box (1 h.)23330
– Money Pig Mask31791
– Legendary Gorilla Mask20468
– Jaguar Mask31256
– HE Battle Manual12411 x3
– HE Bubble Gum12412 x3
– Enriched Elunium7619 x3
– Enriched Oridecon7620 x3
– Bloody Branch12103 x2
– Party Assumptio 5 Scroll14590 x5
– Party Blessing 10 Scroll14588 x5
– Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll14589 x5
– Aspd Potion12684 x12
– AGI Transmutator22703
– DEX Transmutator22706
– INT Transmutator22705
– LUK Transmutator22707
– STR Transmutator22702
– VIT Transmutator22704
– AGI Biscuit Stick23225 x4
– DEX Biscuit Stick23221 x4
– INT Biscuit Stick23226 x4
– LUK Biscuit Stick23222 x4
– STR Biscuit Stick23223 x4
– VIT Biscuit Stick23224 x4
– Storm Gust Scroll14513 x25
– Lord of Vermilion Scroll14514 x25
– Water of Life12578 x8
– Superb Fish Slice14524 x30
– Spec. Kafra Card23177 x15
– Taoist Pills14523 x15
– Guyak Candy12709 x35
– Hoddmimis Seed12405 x25
– Yummy Skewered Grill12335 x25
– Big Bun14522 x20

Finished Activities:
— The Refinement Sets are no longer available
— The Rideword Hat was removed from the launcher
— The Refinement Rates were set back to standard.

Enjoy the game!